Thursday, February 8, 2007

Nothing to be Blue about at San Felipe Blues & Arts Festival

Last years Art Show was held at the San Felipe Storage facility for lack of a better place. Actually it was a great venue as it added that gritty but glitzy New York Loft kinda feel. The storage business must be good because there isn't any available space to show Art there this year. I attended last years Art Show and, well quite frankly I was awed by both the quality of the artists works and the uniqueness of their art on display. I seek the Avant Garde...Excuuuuuse me but, I've hung hubcaps over my fireplace mantle in my younger years, it looked cool and I was the only one of friends doing it. OK so I am not an Art Critic but I had a good time and really enjoyed the experience. San Felipe draws the creative and unusual and they were to be found displayed along with their art. This year the Art Show is being held downtown in the Beach Comers cavernous, Hacienda style gathering spot. A new addition to the Art show venue this year the first annual Blues Festival will no doubt add to the overall experience and enjoyment of the combined art forms. Make a weekend of it and bring your checkbook, You're going to find something you can't live without. Click on the poster for details.