Saturday, October 10, 2009

Early October, The Weather Couldn't Be Nicer.

Early October, The Weather Couldn't Be Nicer.
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Yesterday Berthy and I made some pleasant use of the mild weather and took a drive south to La Hacienda. Looking back on San Felipe the blue of the water against the colors of our little beach town, the scene was tranquil and inspiring. San Felipe is a beautiful place.

On our way back into town we stopped at the Marina So Berthy could get fish for her restaurant, The Back Street Patio Grill. Speaking Spanish Berthy has the advantage in getting the freshest fish from the fish vendors on the dock. When she indicated she was looking for restaurant quantities of fish we were quickly ushered to the side of the dock. The tide was out so the Panga fishing boat was some 20 feet below and under the dock. The fishermen proudly displayed their catch of Corbina, Sierra and Blue Shrimp...Still in the nets. It doesn't get any fresher than that.

I went back to the truck to russel up a couple of bags and sent them down to the boat to be filled. After a few minutes loading the bags with fish & shrimp one of the fisherman struggled to climb up the pier clutching both the pier and the bags heavily laden with fish to get up to us were an exchange of pesos for fish would complete our transaction. We rushed our catch to the restaurant and iced them down.

If your in town this evening why don't you plan on stopping into The Back Street Bar to have dinner at The Back Street Patio Grill. Their should be lots of activity in town with the racers and the Snow Birds slowly arriving.

Al is offering a free shot of his infamous...I mean Famous Home Made Tequila...Snarlin Cholla with ever dinner...and the fish is fresh!

Click here for Dinner menu at Chef Berthy's Back Street Patio Grill

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hello sean drop me an email let me know how things are going for you looks like I never got a cigar...and you have been a grandpa for 6 months???? terri mtz23 at sbcglobal. net