Friday, April 6, 2007

San Felipe Land and Home

San Felipe has a new magazine and I think its going to be a big hit. San Felipe Land & Home is produced by John & Rachel Pack who I will be interviewing in the near future. You may have noticed I haven't posted to this blog for awhile...well there's a good reason. John asked me to write some articles for the second issue on the racks now and available in the online formate in early May. Anyway I was shocked at the reality of writing for someone who was going to print versus my short experience with writing for my blogs when something caught my eye that I want to write about... then I pushed a button. Its different in the world of printers, paper and physical distribution. I will be posting some of the articles that will appear in the next issue in the near future but in the mean time you new readers can catch up while I catch up. There are some great stories that have come out of some of San Felipe's recent events, the Cancer Walk & the Blues & Arts Festiva that have recently held...As I write San Felipe is parting in the streets as holy week festivities are going on round town There will be stories to tell... Check out San Felipe Land And Home

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