Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Holidaze is over and we are back to reality

The week between Christmas & New Years is not a time to expect great business accomplishments, to do so will lead to disappointment. However if you consider spending time with friends & family an endeavor worth pursuit then San Felipe is a place of great accomplishment during the holidaze season. In town, the local custom of holding outdoor holiday celebrations held in the front yard, a blazing bon fire, food and cerveza as the focal point, reveled itself. Friends & family gathering to visit & share the spirit of the season. Considering San Felipe's desert location fuel wood for these festive bon fires is somewhat of a mystery to me, however at one celebration we attended the fire was fueled by broken fence posts, scrap construction lumber, local scrub trunks, at at least 1/4 of what had what been at one time an upholstered lounger, all compliments of a trip to the dumping grounds in certain parts of the desert. Air quality, at least in town suffered over the week long celebration. We are so lucky to have great air quality with are steady breezes, lack of major polluting industry, and in general a small population, you notice when it's not as good. So by this Jan 4 2007 posting I will pronounce everything in San Felipe as being back to normal, with one exception. Everyone is back to work, the weather is sunny and warmer than the the past few weeks, but our Monday garbage collection day, having been preempted by both Christmas Day & New Years Day falling on Mondays leaves me uncertain when to take out the trash. Happy New Year

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