Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Nice Hotel In San Felipe? Try These

Roy in response to your question regarding a nice hotel here in San Felipe I would say there are several hotels in town but I haven't stayed in any of them. I heard from my friend Sue who traveled here frequently while her new home was under construction. She told me she had stayed in several hotels here in town and most leave a little to be desired. More often she ended up staying at El Cortez. America's big business hotels have spoiled us. I have stayed in a few hotels in the US where the room quality probably surpassed all but the most elegant of homes, but not here...yet. In town there are a couple I can tell you a bit about. The Red Lobster is right downtown, has nice clean rooms and a very nice restaurant. If you came down here with the El Dorado tour you may have already stayed there. The biggest draw back that I heard from one of my friends who was down on here with a tour was the barking dogs. You might remember my reference to Mariachi Bands? late night noise especially on a weekend is part of the charm...unless you insist on wanting to sleep...Click Here For More Places To Stay

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